Monday, 30 May 2011

Weird Sisters!

Sometimes, I welcome the bad weather during the Bank Holiday weekends, because it keeps me grounded when it comes to editing sets of photos! I've spent the whole weekend editing away a couple of photos that were taken last year in Norwich.

The photos were taken during a bitter cold morning of November. The good thing about photography, is how the excitement encourages the adrenaline to kick in, consequently, numbing the coldness. After a few clicks, I thought it was summer, much to the dismay of the models who, braved the cold with great strength! This shoot gave me a chance to experiment with lighting on location, it's a shame the Bowens resemble the weight of an elephant!

Many thanks go to Angela Harper, who invited me along to shoot her concept of recreating the theme of the Weird Sister's from Shakespeare's Macbeth.

Many thanks to Charles and Steve for assisting and Penny, for letting me crash at her place :)

Last, but not least, I'd like to thank all those who sponsored me, I managed to raise £120.00 for the Cancer Research as part of the Race For Life. The biggest challenge of that race was trying to keep my flipping skirt down on a very windy day! I thought it would be in good humour to pretend I ran all the way in slo-mo as I approached the end line, only for Heart's presenter catch me out and declare through his microphone "you haven't been running, I saw you walk"! Oooops!

// Taya


  1. Absolutely beautiful images Taya, just wow. I love them so much.

    And seriously amazing job to you on raising so much money for such a good cause. :)

  2. The final one of Danielle is just stunning! I love the smoke.

    I do hope we get a chance to do a joint shoot soon!

  3. Thank you so much, Lady Noctis and davefish :)

    I'm started to embrace location shooting, it's so different from studio environments! But I love it!

    It was such a rewarding experience doing the Race For Life and I shall be taking part again next year :)

    davefish! I know this will happen very soon with the addition of cakes and lens/equipment stealing!! ;p

  4. Beautiful work!
    Inspiring atmosphere...