Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Published Work

I've currently been resisting the urge to spend time in the sun, instead I opted to continue editing away a couple of sets which shall surface online very soon. One set involving the fantastic Nina Kate modeling some of her Jane Doe Latex collection.

Last year in November, during a very windy weekend at the Whitby Goth Weekend, I was lucky enough to shoot Lady Amaranth modeling the awe inspiring Mina dress at Whitby Abbey. I'm not one for using assistants, because I'm so used to working on my own, knowing exactly where I want my lights. Often enough, when help is needed, the models or team are always happy to chip in!  Thanks Amaranth, for carry my bags and equipment :)

Whitby Abbey is located on top of a cliff, so the wind wasn't very kind to us nor my strobe. I have no idea how many times the strobe fell down or how often Lady Amaranth caught the strobe and warned me! Even a group of photographers offered to  hold the light! Alas, the relentless winds damaged my brolly, thankfully, it was one of my cheap ones! I'll keep it for another windy day! Shooting at Whitby Abbey was one of our original plans for this dress, but due to the dress failing to turn up on time last April, we had to resort to a studio shoot and some Photoshopping using stock I took during my very first visit.  The photo can be viewed here.

Here are scans of the photo taken on location for Alt Noir Magazine April 2011 Issue.

The rest of the set can be viewed on my Flickr site.

Mina Tricorn (Hat) Off With Her Head

Also, early this year in January, I shot the cover for Natasha Scharf new book ' A Chronicle Of A Tribe Worldwide Gothic'.  It was my first book cover shoot consisting of a very simple one light set up with the aim to make the model look bold with an ethereal glow. The book will be available from June but, pre orders can be made now.

Author: Natasha Scharf
ISBN-10: 1906191190
Publisher: IMP Publishing Ltd
Model: Lady Amaranth
Corset: Larysa Kucak 

I think that's all from me from me for now where publications are concerned until I install my scanner to my Macbook!

I shall be taking a week out to spend time with my friend, Mary, who I haven't seen since last year! It's a shame she lives so faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away!

// Taya

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