Sunday, 10 April 2011

Bright Lights, Red Shoes, Gingerbread Men and City Driving!

I always struggle to update this blog. Each weekend, there's something to write but, I'd rather stuff my face with food and listen to rock music! Yes, that's how I relax in the evenings!

This year, I've made a few changes that in some way, resemble 'New Year' resolutions and I have stuck to most of them- so far! I have decided to spend more time with my friends. Prior to my fashion photography career, every weekend I'd be out and about, going to the cinema, parks, shopping, traveling, you name it. But, in the last few years, it's been non-stop with photo shoots and gigs. I don't regret a single shoot and I have been very fortune, enjoying each one. But, by choice, I was constantly canceling on my friends and holidays, which often upset them. I didn't have a life, I was a workaholic, something I have been since I was 13! A good old wake up call soon set me straight and thought, I really don't want to live to work every weekend and evening. I'm still a workaholic, that can't change, but I now take less bookings with the addition of being far more selective as to what I shoot. So, at the moment, I am enjoying life even though I often miss the constant buzz of shooting.

Another resolution was to buy my first car even though I passed a billion years ago, I love the freedom of traveling and the multi-media features. The ability to control my iPod from my TomTom is just perfect! I've been driving quite often now and today, I had to drive through the city for the shoot with Lady Amaranth for Larysa K Corsets, something I thought I'd never do, simply because I hate the haphazard roads. The lanes are all over the place, one minute you are in the left and the next you are squeezing into a merging single lane! Let's not talk about Trafalgar Square roundabout, it could send you round the bend!

The shoot today consisted of a single studio strobe with a softbox modification. It's a really light and bright shoot, a real contrast to my normal dark moody lighting! I have been yearning for a change in style and direction, something that is beyond my control- a natural evolution of style! (Pictures will be embargoed until May!) Between changes, I was munching on some mini gingerbread men that Larysa left for us, a bad move on my behalf, seeing as I've been instructed by my dentist to cut out a good percentage of sugar from my diet! I didn't realise just how much chocolate, cakes and other sugary food I consumed! It was on a daily basis!!

Larysa, have you checked your shoe closet?!! ;p I'm still thinking about buying a pair!

// Taya

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