Thursday, 5 August 2010

A Good Month and a Tank

A quick update for last month!

July has been a very busy month involving new photo challenges which have been much fun and I am slowing getting through all that editing!

Last month I shot some Actor Headshots for Samantha BĂ©art. She was great fun, photogenic and I loved her freckles! The make up was done by the fantastic Tanya Barlow I have two more themes to edit and shall post them up soon! It was strange using bright even light! Here are the headshots:

A while back, I shot some photos for Devolution Magazine's (Issue 26) Whitby Goth Weekend feature. We had the stuning Lady Amaranth dressed as Mina in a beautiful red dress and an Off With Her Head hat. The photo will be used as a free poster for the first 200 orders plus, featured inside the magazine. There are also photos from the festival itself which I will start uploading!

Thanks to Angela Harper, I was also lucky enough to shoot two great models in a vintage Russian truck! I will start editing those towards the end of the month :D

Next weekend is Bloodstock Open Air, oh how I love shooting festivals :D:D

No rest for the wicked! Bed, catch me!

// Taya

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