Friday, 2 July 2010

Rockabilly Shoot and Another Shoot The Day After

This weekend, I have chosen to do a fashion shoot for The Rockabilly Pinup Shop instead of shooting the Hop Farm Festival. Maybe I am nuts or maybe I just like to control my light :p either way, I am extremely excited. It's a fashion style I've not worked with before and I will be shooting against a pink backdrop, a colour I personally detest but, could possibly like creatively! In fact, I am excited about shooting against a pink backdrop, I must be going nuts! I am well known for detesting such a colour! The star of the show is the beautiful Ravanna's Dream who is traveling four hours to London and I really hope I can make it worth her while :)

On Sunday, I will be doing a location shoot with three models, I'm feeling rather nervous about this as I am working outside my comfort zone, but at the same time, I'm feeling excited and inspired.

I guess I will be spending the next two evenings editing away!


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