Friday, 28 May 2010

Veil of Visions Fashion Shoot

A while back, I was lucky enough to do a fashion shoot for Veil of Visions, modeled by the beautiful Lady Amaranth. It was specifically for their flyers, so, I have only just edited the rest of the photos for their website and such. This is the plain version, the creative version will be uploaded onto my Flickr portfolio shortly. You can view the flyer here

You can see just how much passion goes into her work; each piece is created to perfection. She is a very talented lady with unique designs. This Saturday, I have another shoot with four models. I must confess, I have never shot four models in one day. To top it all, we've had to change the location due to a 70% chance of precipitation and we know in London, it's guaranteed to rain! It's such a shame as our original location was perfect and beautiful :/

Veil of Visions:

Wish me luck!


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