Thursday, 5 August 2010

A Good Month and a Tank

A quick update for last month!

July has been a very busy month involving new photo challenges which have been much fun and I am slowing getting through all that editing!

Last month I shot some Actor Headshots for Samantha BĂ©art. She was great fun, photogenic and I loved her freckles! The make up was done by the fantastic Tanya Barlow I have two more themes to edit and shall post them up soon! It was strange using bright even light! Here are the headshots:

A while back, I shot some photos for Devolution Magazine's (Issue 26) Whitby Goth Weekend feature. We had the stuning Lady Amaranth dressed as Mina in a beautiful red dress and an Off With Her Head hat. The photo will be used as a free poster for the first 200 orders plus, featured inside the magazine. There are also photos from the festival itself which I will start uploading!

Thanks to Angela Harper, I was also lucky enough to shoot two great models in a vintage Russian truck! I will start editing those towards the end of the month :D

Next weekend is Bloodstock Open Air, oh how I love shooting festivals :D:D

No rest for the wicked! Bed, catch me!

// Taya

Sunday, 18 July 2010

No Sleep For the Wicked

This past week has been one of the most hectic weeks, what with my father being rushed to hospital, trying to meet photo deadlines in between and prepping for a photo shoot with Sam Beart and the talented MUA Tanya Barlow. It was a three themed shoot, one that had me in fits of laughter, it involved a Henry Hoover and Fire extinguisher! Pics to come soon! I even managed to edit an extra set taken early last year. The theme was Master of Puppets with actor/model Paul Dixon and Deadly Doll. I edited the duo set last year and only just edited Paul's solo set for his Spotlight Portfolio. 

This week I'll be photographing Sepultura, High Voltage festival and the following week, I have the awesome Mary staying over and then we will be off to shoot Sonisphere festival. I predict a mass load of editing! That's my social life out of the window until August 21st!

// Taya

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Alice Got Her Neck Slashed in Wonderland!

I had the opportunity to work with Deadly Doll and MUA Tanya Barlow again. Way back in 2008 or 2009, it was a while ago, me and Deadly Doll decided to do an Alice theme that very year, but work commitments took over. Like many, I am a huge fan of Tim Burton's work and like many, decided to incorporate his style into my work. Tanya, the genius she is, came up with a cut throat idea in the form of a bloody slash! How very Sweeny Todd ;) It added the perfect finish to a very neat Alice! There are two characters thrown into Alice, the Queen of Hearts and Alice. The idea is based on how The Queen of Hearts yearns to influence and harm Alice! A little morbid ;)

It was the first time using another studio other than my own, which felt very strange. We hired Adrian Pini's studio for three hours, and doesn't time fly when you're having a good time! I'm very impressed with the equipment available, including the ProFoto lighting kit! I love the infinity cove, there's much space with the perfect curve! Adrian, was very helpful and friendly, if there was anything I needed, it wasn't a problem. I'm very happy to have found this studio!

We had Andi Gordon of Dark Romantics over, and got him roped into helping, as well as Tanya! Thanks for throwing the cards, and Andi, thanks for throwing them on the floor for me to pic up! :p Oh and thanks for giving me and Tanya a lift to the studio :)

The team have waited a while for these photos (Sorry!), the editing took a while and even longer, what with the London Transport suspending my tube lines! Here's the set below:

I am trying to do less conceptual work and something more plainer. I seem to spend more time in photoshop than with my camera. Instead, I am likely to do up to two pics per set. However, this is likely to backfire, because, for me the photos always seem incomplete! We will see how things turn out!

Here's the plain set from the same shoot:

The next shoot is on Friday with Tanya Barlow and Sam Beart :) Something very different from my usual style and I'm very excited! :) But, before that, lots more editing!

// Taya


Friday, 2 July 2010

Rockabilly Shoot and Another Shoot The Day After

This weekend, I have chosen to do a fashion shoot for The Rockabilly Pinup Shop instead of shooting the Hop Farm Festival. Maybe I am nuts or maybe I just like to control my light :p either way, I am extremely excited. It's a fashion style I've not worked with before and I will be shooting against a pink backdrop, a colour I personally detest but, could possibly like creatively! In fact, I am excited about shooting against a pink backdrop, I must be going nuts! I am well known for detesting such a colour! The star of the show is the beautiful Ravanna's Dream who is traveling four hours to London and I really hope I can make it worth her while :)

On Sunday, I will be doing a location shoot with three models, I'm feeling rather nervous about this as I am working outside my comfort zone, but at the same time, I'm feeling excited and inspired.

I guess I will be spending the next two evenings editing away!


Sunday, 20 June 2010

Green Day Vs 'Rain' Day!

I was lucky enough to have been granted a photo pass to photograph Green Day at Wembley Stadium on Saturday 19th June 2010. It's a band I've wanted to photograph for sometime and failed to get a pass for their O2 Arena show early this year, which would've been an easier shoot.

Looking outside my window at the grey clouds was a sure sign that this was not going to be an easy shoot and I will be facing more than one challenge. I was praying for no rain while I was out there taking pics, what with my lens facing upwards, it was a welcome suggestion for the rain to hit full on!

Upon my early arrival at the stadium, I headed to the same location where I once picked up my photo pass for Muse, only to be told to go to Level 1. From that moment, I knew I was facing challenge two, trying to find out where to collect my photo pass. I asked several members of staff and they sent me all over the stadium. It got to a point where I requested them to ask over the radio and to escort me there. So after 20 mins of wondering around, I bump into another photographer who has had the same problem, I finally collect my pass 15 mins before they were due on stage! 

Does it get any better? Nope, challenge three, the biggest of them all! Arriving at the pit 10 mins before they hit the stage, I quickly set up my equipment. Even with my stool, the stage was above my head and we had to shoot along the runway in a narrow space. This meant I was further away from the main stage and I could not see above the photographers' heads! It was such a nightmare, I ended up missing out on a lot of action shots. I'm thankful it didn't rain!

With all that said, I had a fantastic time and Green Day were amazing on stage. They sure know how to put on a show. Billie Joel selected a member of the audience onto the stage and allowed him to stage dive!  However, there was a lot of kissing going on, I'm not too sure what that was about!

More photos can viewed on my Flickr portfolio.


Saturday, 29 May 2010

Veil of Visions, Shoot II: When it rains, it pours!

Well, it seemed I had 50% of luck in regards to the weather. I spent most of the time wiping my lens, rushing and resorting to different locations that were more sheltered. It was also my first time shooting five fantastic models in one day and by the end of it, I couldn't be bothered to get up off from the floor!

I wouldn't hesitate to do it all again, as much fun was had and all the models were easy going. 'Spider Lady' was certainly the most interesting one, some of the shots were quirky, if not, funny! ;)

I can't wait to start editing the photos :D


Friday, 28 May 2010

Veil of Visions Fashion Shoot

A while back, I was lucky enough to do a fashion shoot for Veil of Visions, modeled by the beautiful Lady Amaranth. It was specifically for their flyers, so, I have only just edited the rest of the photos for their website and such. This is the plain version, the creative version will be uploaded onto my Flickr portfolio shortly. You can view the flyer here

You can see just how much passion goes into her work; each piece is created to perfection. She is a very talented lady with unique designs. This Saturday, I have another shoot with four models. I must confess, I have never shot four models in one day. To top it all, we've had to change the location due to a 70% chance of precipitation and we know in London, it's guaranteed to rain! It's such a shame as our original location was perfect and beautiful :/

Veil of Visions:

Wish me luck!


Sunday, 16 May 2010

First Post!

I've been meaning to start blogging, now seems like a good time to start!

Since shooting live music gigs and especially fashion and band promos in 2006, I have been been extremely fortunate to have meet some great people who have become very good friends and couldn't possibly imagine life with out them. They know exactly who they are :) I've been offered some of the best opportunites and many good times shared with the people I have photographed. I don't think I could give this career up for the World, despite the onset tiredness from being overworked. The passion I have and the people I work with, not to mention those who leave encouraging compliments keep me going.

I am hoping when time permits, to share behind the scenes photos and keep you updated with future shoots and such.