Wednesday, 20 February 2013

2 years :0

My last post was in 2011! I am ashamed!

A big update should appear here over the weekend!

- Taya

Monday, 30 May 2011

Weird Sisters!

Sometimes, I welcome the bad weather during the Bank Holiday weekends, because it keeps me grounded when it comes to editing sets of photos! I've spent the whole weekend editing away a couple of photos that were taken last year in Norwich.

The photos were taken during a bitter cold morning of November. The good thing about photography, is how the excitement encourages the adrenaline to kick in, consequently, numbing the coldness. After a few clicks, I thought it was summer, much to the dismay of the models who, braved the cold with great strength! This shoot gave me a chance to experiment with lighting on location, it's a shame the Bowens resemble the weight of an elephant!

Many thanks go to Angela Harper, who invited me along to shoot her concept of recreating the theme of the Weird Sister's from Shakespeare's Macbeth.

Many thanks to Charles and Steve for assisting and Penny, for letting me crash at her place :)

Last, but not least, I'd like to thank all those who sponsored me, I managed to raise £120.00 for the Cancer Research as part of the Race For Life. The biggest challenge of that race was trying to keep my flipping skirt down on a very windy day! I thought it would be in good humour to pretend I ran all the way in slo-mo as I approached the end line, only for Heart's presenter catch me out and declare through his microphone "you haven't been running, I saw you walk"! Oooops!

// Taya

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Published Work

I've currently been resisting the urge to spend time in the sun, instead I opted to continue editing away a couple of sets which shall surface online very soon. One set involving the fantastic Nina Kate modeling some of her Jane Doe Latex collection.

Last year in November, during a very windy weekend at the Whitby Goth Weekend, I was lucky enough to shoot Lady Amaranth modeling the awe inspiring Mina dress at Whitby Abbey. I'm not one for using assistants, because I'm so used to working on my own, knowing exactly where I want my lights. Often enough, when help is needed, the models or team are always happy to chip in!  Thanks Amaranth, for carry my bags and equipment :)

Whitby Abbey is located on top of a cliff, so the wind wasn't very kind to us nor my strobe. I have no idea how many times the strobe fell down or how often Lady Amaranth caught the strobe and warned me! Even a group of photographers offered to  hold the light! Alas, the relentless winds damaged my brolly, thankfully, it was one of my cheap ones! I'll keep it for another windy day! Shooting at Whitby Abbey was one of our original plans for this dress, but due to the dress failing to turn up on time last April, we had to resort to a studio shoot and some Photoshopping using stock I took during my very first visit.  The photo can be viewed here.

Here are scans of the photo taken on location for Alt Noir Magazine April 2011 Issue.

The rest of the set can be viewed on my Flickr site.

Mina Tricorn (Hat) Off With Her Head

Also, early this year in January, I shot the cover for Natasha Scharf new book ' A Chronicle Of A Tribe Worldwide Gothic'.  It was my first book cover shoot consisting of a very simple one light set up with the aim to make the model look bold with an ethereal glow. The book will be available from June but, pre orders can be made now.

Author: Natasha Scharf
ISBN-10: 1906191190
Publisher: IMP Publishing Ltd
Model: Lady Amaranth
Corset: Larysa Kucak 

I think that's all from me from me for now where publications are concerned until I install my scanner to my Macbook!

I shall be taking a week out to spend time with my friend, Mary, who I haven't seen since last year! It's a shame she lives so faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away!

// Taya

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Race For Life

A quick blog to let you know I will be participating in this year's Race for Life with the London Gothic on Sunday 22nd May and would be greatful of any donations recived! To sponsor me, just lick on the link below:

The Race for Life will be dedicated to my late Grandmother who died of bowl cancer in December 2010.
The money will go towards the funding of Cancer Research, focusing on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment for people suffering from Cancer.

Many thanks,


Sunday, 10 April 2011

Bright Lights, Red Shoes, Gingerbread Men and City Driving!

I always struggle to update this blog. Each weekend, there's something to write but, I'd rather stuff my face with food and listen to rock music! Yes, that's how I relax in the evenings!

This year, I've made a few changes that in some way, resemble 'New Year' resolutions and I have stuck to most of them- so far! I have decided to spend more time with my friends. Prior to my fashion photography career, every weekend I'd be out and about, going to the cinema, parks, shopping, traveling, you name it. But, in the last few years, it's been non-stop with photo shoots and gigs. I don't regret a single shoot and I have been very fortune, enjoying each one. But, by choice, I was constantly canceling on my friends and holidays, which often upset them. I didn't have a life, I was a workaholic, something I have been since I was 13! A good old wake up call soon set me straight and thought, I really don't want to live to work every weekend and evening. I'm still a workaholic, that can't change, but I now take less bookings with the addition of being far more selective as to what I shoot. So, at the moment, I am enjoying life even though I often miss the constant buzz of shooting.

Another resolution was to buy my first car even though I passed a billion years ago, I love the freedom of traveling and the multi-media features. The ability to control my iPod from my TomTom is just perfect! I've been driving quite often now and today, I had to drive through the city for the shoot with Lady Amaranth for Larysa K Corsets, something I thought I'd never do, simply because I hate the haphazard roads. The lanes are all over the place, one minute you are in the left and the next you are squeezing into a merging single lane! Let's not talk about Trafalgar Square roundabout, it could send you round the bend!

The shoot today consisted of a single studio strobe with a softbox modification. It's a really light and bright shoot, a real contrast to my normal dark moody lighting! I have been yearning for a change in style and direction, something that is beyond my control- a natural evolution of style! (Pictures will be embargoed until May!) Between changes, I was munching on some mini gingerbread men that Larysa left for us, a bad move on my behalf, seeing as I've been instructed by my dentist to cut out a good percentage of sugar from my diet! I didn't realise just how much chocolate, cakes and other sugary food I consumed! It was on a daily basis!!

Larysa, have you checked your shoe closet?!! ;p I'm still thinking about buying a pair!

// Taya

Monday, 31 January 2011

Race for Life


A quick post to let you know I will be joining the London Goths on 22nd May for the Race for Life.

Race for Life is about raising money for Cancer Research UK's life saving work. Click on the link below, where you can read a summary as to why I am choosing to participate and should you wish, make a donation.

All donations are greatly appreciated :)

C'mon, show me the money!!!


Monday, 24 January 2011

New Website!

I decided to brave the frustrating task of creating a new website design in Dreamweaver! After much cursing, head scratching, code shifting and more cursing, I managed to put together a bland, basic, flat looking website! It’s no better than my shambolic website of four years, but it’s far more practical, easier to update and navigate!

I'm still in the process of adding photos! The Opera web browsers, iPhones and iPads aren't a fan of my 'Home' page, but that's my fault anyway! All other pages work fine.